Bettie Page reveals all

Bettie Page (1923-2008) was an American model also known as the “Queen of Pinups”.  As shown in this new documentary,  her work influenced fashion, artists (Beyoncé, Quentin Tarantino, Madonna, ect) and the start of the sexual revolution.  In an audio interview she did for director Mori she tells the story of her life.  Abused as a child, put in an orphanage after parents’ divorce, her relationships with men and failed marriage.  Modeling in bikinis graduating to partial nudity, then frontal, even did bondage and light S&M.  Quit the business in 1957, becomes a born-again Christian then spends 10 years in a mental hospital.  In other word a full life.  The film interviews people who knew her including Playboy’s Hugh Hefner.  Classic documentary techniques.  Nothing new.  Lacks a bit of distance.  Seems that all the people in the film liked her. She was perfect they say.  It is what it  is. Lots of erotic images. Not for prudes.
Rémi-Serge Gratton
Bettie Page reveals all
Directed by: 
Mark Mori
Screenplay by: 
Doug Miller
101 min.

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