Sagrada: Mystery of creation (Sagrada – El misteri de la creació)

Sagrada: Mystery of creation is a documentary exploring the story of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This gigantic unfinished cathedral has been under construction since 1882 when architect Antoni Gaudi imagined a structure unlike anything else ever. The cathedral is only half completed, the film looks at the story of the church. The film also takes a look at the architects artists and workers who contributed on this masterpiece for over 120 years. The film takes a contemporary look at the project, overshadowing Antoni Gaudi, the original designer. Director Stefan Haupt resolutely concentrated himself more on the modern challenges such as the passage of a high-speed train Paris-Barcelona rather than a complex historic look at the enterprise. He rather talked  recently to past architects, and workers todays and yesterdays. The documentary is classic, well done not overly audacious, PBS like respectful of the genre . For me it was like an 89 minutes crash course on architecture. Director Haupt also explored the ways in which the various artists implicated in this monument envisioned what Antoni Gaudi wanted to express. There is an esthetic effort all through the film showing us the completed sections of the church, the beautiful various sculptures, enormous stainless windows, gigantic pillars and unique structure. Esthetically the movie is a feast.

André St-Jacques


Sagrada: Mystery of creation (Sagrada – El misteri de la creació)

Directed by: 
Stefan Haupt
89 min. 

Rated Parental Guidance.

In Spanish and English with English subtitles.

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