Oscar® nominated animated shorts 2013

For some years the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts have been shown at the ByTowne Cinema. It’s fun to see and decide if the Academy got it wrong. And they always do. The presentation is simple. The two hosts are a giraffe and an ostrich. Animated of course. Bit players in animation films they talk about the animated stars they met and the latest gossips. The shorts are: Get a horse! A Disney film starring Mickey Mouse. The first since 1995. The look of a 16mm black-and-white animated Disney film of the past is accurately recreated. When Mickey gets run off the screen he is in color. The screen is turned upside down, flipped, pierced, ect. A funny and inventive gem. The second film is Mr. Hublot, a Luxembourg-French film. In a futuristic Paris lives Mr. Hublot (porthole in french), a man with obsessive–compulsive disorder wearing enormous glasses. He adopts a stranded robot dog. The dog gets bigger and bigger taking too much space in Hublot’s apartment. The film’s technical aspects are beautifully realized. What irks me is the inclusion of two English songs. Eleven minutes animated shorts from France do not need songs. And if French producers feel it needs some, I’m sure there would be lots of French songs to be found. Daniel Sousa’s Feral is about a boy found in the woods and brought back to civilization. But he doesn’t fit in and becomes wild and savage again. This is the most stylized film of the bunch. Certainly the work of an artist, a craftsman. Japanese Anime director Shuhei Morita’s Possessions is the fourth film. A man lost in a forest finds refuge in a cabin full of umbrellas with eyes and alive kimonos. Based on Japanese myths that after being discarded for more than one hundred years things attain souls. Like the other films this is well made. The fifth short is Room on the broom. A witch and her cat meet along their travels a bird, a dog and a frog. The witch kindly allows them to ride on her broom. The most fun of the shorts on the program with likable characters. Four other shorts complement the program including Chris Landreth’s Subconscious password.

And the Oscar went to… Mr. Hublot. My vote goes to Get a horse!

Rémi-Serge Gratton

 Oscar® nominated animated shorts 2013

Directed by: 
Lauren MacMullan
Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares
Daniel Sousa
Max Lang & Jan Lachauer
Shuhei Morita
and others.
108 min.
Rated Parental Guidance
In English, Japanese and others with subtitles.



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