Enemy is a psychological thriller, the latest film of Quebec filmmaker Demis Villeneuve, the second cooperation between Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal. On the first degree it’s the story of a man who meets his double. Metaphorically it is also an analysis of his subconscious. Enemy is not a conventional story, it is an enigma, a film that challenges the audience’s intellect. This movie was also a technologic challenge, having an actor play  his double and making it believable. Mission accomplished for Villeneuve and his crew. Also to mention strong interpretations by Sarah Gadon and Mélanie Laurent, the two loves of Gyllenhaal and his dual roles. And let’s not forget the performance of Isabella Rosselini as Gylenhaal bossy mother. The movie is a brilliant thriller shot in Toronto with a very grim photography that will remind you of Lynch, Kubrick and Cronenberg. A  great follow-up to Prisoners.

André St-Jacques



Directed by:
Demis Villeneuve
Screenplay by: 
Javier Gullón
Based on The Double by José Saramago
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mélanie Laurent
Isabella Rossellini
Sarah Gadonl
Stephen R. Hart
Jane Moffat
Joshua Peace
Tim Post
90 min.

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