Le week-end

Meg and Nick get to the Paris hotel room they booked and Meg decides she wants to stay in a more expensive one because she doesn’t like the color of the wall. When they got there and nothing was available, I thought I was watching Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis in The out-of-towners. Celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary Meg and Nick are going back to the city where they spend their honeymoon. After the initial rebuttal they get offered a suite (Hotel clerk : We can offer you the suite where Tony Blair stayed. Nick :Well, as long as you’ve washed the sheets. ). They visit Paris and the historical sites like the Père Lachaise Cemetery. On one occasion they eat at an expensive restaurant and then they have to escape when they see the bill. But mostly they sit in the room, drink and fight about the past. One night Nick and Meg run into Morgan, an old student of Nick’s who invites them to a dinner party at his place. Apart from The out-of-towners, there are other movies that Le week-end seems to be channeling. Particularly the films of Woody Allen, Linklater’s Before trilogy and, since we’re in Paris, let’s throw in a little Godard. And it does not do it very well. I was really expecting better from screenwriter Hanif Kureishi (My beautiful laundrette, Sammy and Rosie get laid). As always Jim Broadbent is excellent , but as Meg, Lindsay Duncan either whispers or mumbles every lines so that in key scenes you actually have no idea what happened. And then there is Jeff Goldblum in another annoying performance. Some funny bits does not save this mess.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Le Week-end

Directed by: 
Roger Michell
Screenplay by: 
Hanif Kureishi
Jim Broadbent
Linsday Duncan
Jeff Goldblum
93 min.



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