L’ange gardien

L’ange gardien is a psychological thriller who creates a high level of tensions while at the same time creating a very grim and dark outlook. A strange relationship is establish between Normand, an ex-cop turned security guard and a young woman, Nathalie who commits  break in and entries. While neutralizing the perpetrator, Normand,  suffers a heart attack. Nathalie saves Normand’s life and he let’s her go. Not too long after, Nathalie shows up again and beg for his help. He accepts reluctantly. She needs protection from her ex, a violent delinquent and her accomplice  in the burglary attempt. Guy Nadon is reliable as ever as the night watchman who carries a heavy load, the loss of his son. Nadon is no stranger  playing such characters since he played a father whose son had disappeared in the Quebec TV series Aveux. We definitely understand that Normand and Nathalie need each other. Nathalie needs Normand for protection, and Normand needs her to fill the gap of his son’s death. They are each other’s guardian angel. Marilyn Castonguay is convincing as Nathalie and Patrick Hivon is brutal as the delinquent boyfriend. The strength of this film is the complicity between the characters and the location, a dull,  lifeless industrial complex and the winter scenery. Winter does wonders to create intimacy in cinema. The magic operates once more. The combination of intimacy, solid interpretation and complex human beings will fascinate you as it did for me.
André St-Jacques
L’ange gardien
Directed by: 
Jean-Sébastian Lord
Screenplay by: 
Jean-Sébastian Lord
Marilyn Castonguay
Guy Nadon
Patrick Hivon
Véronique LeFlaguais
Frédéric Pierre
Shanti Corbeil-Gauvreau
94 min.
In French

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