Rock the casbah

It’s summer in Tanger. A family gets together three days  for the funeral of the father. Since this is a muslim family, traditions must be respected. No more skirts, bathing suits or dresses. At least for three days. It is the conflict between the modern and the traditional, the orthodox and the progressive. The deceased portrayed by Omar Sharif was a lady’s man with a few well-kept secrets. Some of those secrets will be disclosed during those three days in a mix of emotions, going between laughter, tears and hysteria. Sharif who appears as a ghost during the movie is in top form in this role of a not so wise man who dispense views and advises to his family. Sharif is the strength of the film, a film with weaknesses. Dialogues with no bite, stereotypes, and a lack of rigidity that prevents the movie to go deeper, to explore the different conflicts. It ends up being some kind of farce, a semi-emancipation exercise for the emancipation of muslim women that could have gone further, that could have been better.

André St-jacques


Rock the casbah


Directed by: 
Laïla Marrakchi
Screenplay by:
Laïla Marrakchi
Morjana Alaoui
Nadine Labaki
Lubna Azabal
Omar Sharif
100 min.
In French

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