9 Mois ferme

Judge Ariane Felder is pregnant! It is very surprising considering that judge Felder has very strict morals, no men in her life and is a workaholics. Even more surprising, according to the paternity tests, the DNA collected belongs to a criminal accused of a particularly brutal aggression. Ariane who doesn’t remember a thing because at the time of conception she was intoxicated due to a new year eve binge. Quite exceptional for her. She’ll try to put the missing pieces together and most of all, understand what the heck happened. This is a black comedy. It takes a serious subject and gives it a cynical black humour twist.The director Albert Dupontel has succeeded at creating a dysfunctional crazy atmosphere deliberately injecting gore graphic violence in some comic scene. It is irreverential, crude and funny. The dialogues are quick and snappy. Sandrine Kiberlain is  quite at ease as the judge who lives a ordonate life but who for one night will discover a wild side she did not suspect. She manages to give her character a sympathy not apparent at first due to her cold,, predictable  lifestyle. Dupontel who plays Bob the violent criminal and also directed the film forms an explosive duo with her that makes of 9 Mois ferme not what you would expect from a french comedy. You could compare it to Le père noel est une ordure. The film was very well received at the Outaouais Film Festival.
André St-Jacques
9 Mois ferme
Directed by: 
Albert Dupontel
Screenplay by:
Albert Dupontel
Sandrine Kiberlain
Albert Dupontel
Nicolas Marié
Yolande Moreau
82 min.
In French.

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