La garde

Luc can’t see his teenaged son Samuel because of a violent incident that happened years ago when his son was a toddler. Often Luc disobeys the court order regarding his son and has to spend a few days in jail as a result. One day, he kidnaps Samuel and brings him into the woods to hunt. There’s a lot of uneasiness between the two but an accident happens and Luc is seriously wounded and it’s up to Samuel to guide his  father through the woods to safety in order to save his dad’s life. La garde is a well constructed movie that keeps everything simple. The principal theme is a father-son relationship in those difficult circumstances. No over-melodramatic overtones, it is kept real and simple. The story will move and reach the audience, although one might think that the father could cooperate more, find an intelligent solution to his dilemma. Because of the high level of emotions of the story, the film could have turned into a cheap melodrama. But no, Quebec director Sylvain Archambault’s direction is strict, rigourous, credible. The actors are great in this scenario particularly Antoine L’écuyer as the son. In conclusion the film is touching without being weepy which gives us a stronger, realist vision of a complex father and son relationship.
André St-Jacques
La garde
Directed by: 
Sylvain Archambault
Screenplay by: 
Ian Lauzon
Daniel Diaz
Ludovic Huot
Paul Doucet
Antoine L’Écuyer
Sandrine Bisson
91 min.
In French.



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