Cas & Dylan

Richard Dreyfuss and Tatiana Maslany give road movie Cas & Dylan more than enough to make it worthy. Dreyfuss plays Dr. Cas Pepper, a man dying of cancer. Cas wants to leave Winnipeg and drive to B.C. to be with a woman he loved. Enter Dylan Morgan, a young excentric wannabe writer with a motor mouth. She is escaping an abusing boyfriend. At first Cas can’t stand Dylan, but soon they get to appreciate each other. This is, like it or not, quite formulaic. Clashing personalities, funny at times with a thick slice of pathos toward the end and, of course, characters who were not supposed to get along ‘changing each other’s lives’. I liked Dreyfuss and Maslany’s company more than Cas and Dylan’s. Tatiana Maslany is better known for TV show Orphan Black in which she plays a multitude of characters. In Cas & Dylan, her wide expressive eyes let us penetrate inside a character that would otherwise be one-dimensional and annoying. Dreyfuss succeed in showing the gradual hold the cancer has on Cas’ body and spirit. This is for the most part a two character film. Canadian actress Jayne Eastwood has such a small part as the hotel receptionist that if you blink you miss it. Cas & Dylan was shot in Sudbury and Calgary with postcard cinematography and songs provided by Canadian performers like the Sheepdogs blasts through the car radio. This is Beverly Hills, 90210 (also Canadian) actor Jason Priestley’s directorial debut.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Cas & Dylan


Directed by: 
Jason Priestley
Screenplay by: 
Jessie Gabe
Richard Dreyfuss
Tatiana Maslany
Jayne Eastwood
Eric Peterson
90 min.
Rated 14A

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