En solitaire

Staring François Cluzet as navigator Yann Kermadeck determined to win the Vendée Globe, a 3 month-long race arround the world where each navigators sail their yacht alone. Kermadeck is in full control of the race right until he discovers a clandestine passenger on board the yacht. After the initial shock, and mutual mistrust, they will learn to work together. A secondary intrigue shows us a difficult relationship between Yann’s new girlfriend and his young daughter. The film offers a rugged and realistic view at international sailing races. But on the cinematic side of things, En solitaire fails to offer characters you want to spend time with. Cluzet offers a solid performance as a tough sea wolf, but that’s it. The relationship between Kermadeck and Mano (the clandestine lad) falls flat and is not credible. Same goes for the secondary plot: it is purely melodramatic and insipid. On the positive side, there are amazing sea shots that demonstrates the roughness of life at sea. There’s not enough substance to keep you interested for the duration. If you are a fan of sailing races, well that’s another story. The photography is splendid as one could expect. The rest of the picture is pretty average and falls to some kind of film formula often seen in the past.
André St-Jacques
En solitaire
Christophe Offenstein
Frédéric Petitjean
Pierre Marcel
Marc Guilbert
Christophe Offenstein
François Cluzet
Samy Seghir
Virginie Efira
Guillaume Canet
Karine Vanasse
93 min.
In French.

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