The German doctor (Wakolda)

Josef Mengele was the most infamous Nazi doctor. He was also called The angel of death. At Auschwitz concentration camp, he was in charge of the selection of victims to be killed in gas chambers. But he is mostly known for performing unscientific and deadly human experiments on prisoners. He escaped justice and settled in South America. In The German doctor, Mengele is in Patagonia (a region shared by both Argentina and Chile). We are in 1960 and Mengele (under the alias of Dr. Helmut Gregor) meets Eva and Enzo and their 12-year-old daughter, Lilith. The couple have inherited a hotel and Mengele moves in. Too small for her age Lilith is terribly unhappy at her new school. The doctor proposes treatments to make her grow, but Enzo declines. But Eva secretly brings her daughter to see Mengele. Lilith seems to be attracted by Mengele’s attentions towards her. He also becomes Eva’s doctor as she goes through a pregnancy. A Nazi Hunter has infiltrated Mengele ‘s entourage. The German doctor has an atmosphere of depravity. The acting from Àlex Brendemühl as Mengele and Florencia Bado as Lilith is admirable. But I found the film slow and uneventful and at the end disappointing as a suspense or a historical drama.

 Rémi-Serge Gratton


 The German doctor (Wakolda)


Directed by: 
Lucía Puenzo
Screenplay by: 
Lucía Puenzo
Based on her novel Wakolda
Àlex Brendemühl
Florencia Bado
Diego Peretti
Natalia Oreiro
Elena Roger
93 min.
Rated Parental Guidance
In Spanish and some bits of German and Hebrew with English subtitles.

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