We are the best! (Vi är bäst!)

Bobo and Klara are two 13-year-old girls. Being ignored by their parents and seen as weirdos at school, they have only each other to rely on. On a dare they decide to form a punk band . Problem is: they don’t know how to play. The girls have written a song railing against the gym teacher. Eventually they meet Hedvig who play classical guitar. Hedvig is also an outcast at school due to her Christian upbringing. The three become friends as they try to perfect their playing. Director Lukas Moodysson lets his young actresses improvise and that helps keep the spontaneity and the material fresh. Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin and Liv LeMoyne are fun to watch and seems to be having a good time. Some of the scenes are longer that is needed Without being a great film it has its charm and is worth it mostly for the three leads.

 Rémi-Serge Gratton


 We are the best! (Vi är bäst!)


Directed by: 
Lukas Moodysson
Screenplay by: 
Lukas Moodysson
Based on the graphic novel by Coco Moodysson
Mira Barkhammar
Mira Grosin
Liv LeMoyne
David Dencik
Alexander Karlsson
Anna Rydren
102 min. 

Rated 14A

In Swedish with English subtitles.

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