For no good reason

This documentary is about British cartoonist Ralph Steadman. We’ve all seen his work (or from other artists that are similar to Steadman’s. For instance, the Pink Floyd album The wall and the film of the same name are Gerald Scarfe’s design). His illustrations can be found in new editions of Alice in Wonderland, Animal farm and Fahrenheit 451, or on film posters (Withnail and I, Where the buffalo roam). But his most frequent collaborator is writer Hunter S. Thompson. Steadman illustrated some of Thompson’s articles published in American magazines. Steadman is also well-known for his visual take on key issues of the 1970’s (the Vietnam war, Nixon and Watergate, ect). In 1971, Thompson wrote Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, and Steadman came on board to illustrate the book. Johnny Depp acts here as narrator and we see him visiting Steadman. Depp is Steadman’s friend and was in the film version of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, but I found his presence to be out place, as he takes the focus away from Steadman and Thompson. For no good reason is visually stunning film. We see him create beautiful illustrations from splashes and botches of paint. His life and his artwork make for a good night at the movies.

 Rémi-Serge Gratton


For no good reason


Directed by: 
Charlie Paul
Narrated by
Johnny Depp
89 min.
Rated 14A

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