Fading gigolo

In this bittersweet comedy set in New York, actor-director John Turturro casts himself as Fioravante, a ladies man who takes on a new career (he’s originally a plumber) as an escort after bookshop owner Murray played by Woody Allen pimps him up with his beautiful but frustrated dermatologist played by Sharon Stone. He accepts reluctantly at first because of the moral aspect of things. After a while and a few more dates set up by Murray with women from the neighbourhood, he is more and more at ease with his new profession. Not to mention the financial advantages with being a gigolo. All this will change when he meets Avigal, (Vanessa Paradis) a young Hasidic with whom he’ll truly fall in love. If you can get beyond the impossibility of Sharon Stone paying John Turturro to join her in the sack you’ve got it made. Fading gigolo is a sweet and gentle film that takes its mood from its jazzy soundtrack. Music is important in this film. It sets the tone and creates the atmosphere. Woody Allen is very funny playing yet another variation of the permanently harassed, wise cracking paranoid character we saw him play in his own movies. This time he does it under the direction of John Turturro with sheer brilliance. The chemistry Allen-Turturro also works on the screen, especially in the scene where Allen cons Turturro into prostituting himself and sharing the profits with his new-found pimp. Sharon Stone is equal to the task as the dermatologist with sexual fantasies. Fading gigolo is a delightful sexy comedy with nice shots of Brooklyn. For the incurable romantics.
André St-Jacques
 Fading gigolo
Directed by: 
John Turturro
Screenplay by: 
John Turturro
John Turturro
Woody Allen
Vanessa Paradis
Sharon Stone
Sofía Vergara
Liev Schreiber
98 min.
Rated 14A

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