Here is something we’ve never seen before: a one-man show. Or shall we say a one-man movie? Locke‘s only actor is Tom Hardy. He plays Ivan Locke, a construction foreman, who is driving to the London hospital where his one-night stand lover, Bethan, will prematurely give birth to their child. He spends the trip on the speaker phone trying to reassure her, or with his wife, his sons and people at his job, trying to solve the many problems caused by his sudden departure. But mainly, Locke is going to be there for Bethan and their child. Tom Hardy really carries the whole film. Even though we can hear, through the speaker phone, the people Locke is talking with, Tom Hardy is alone on-screen for the entire film. Hardy is in effectively playing a multilayered character. Ivan Locke is a lovable, caring human being with a considerable amount of pressure on his shoulders. This is what you call a “tour de force”. But Locke is more than a simple talking head experiment. Director Steven Knight and cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos have worked very hard with such a limited framework and delivered a visually stunning film. All around this film is a must.

 Rémi-Serge Gratton




Directed by: 
Steven Knight
Screenplay by: 
Steven Knight
Tom Hardy
85 min.
Rated 14A



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