Le vrai du faux

Marco Valois (Stéphane Rousseau) is a film maker who specializes in The fast and the furious type action movies.  After the death of a young man who crashed his car (a replica of the car used in Marco’s movies), he decides he needs something drastically different. He wants to do serious movies, films that will make a difference. He meets Eric Lebel (Mathieu Quesnel), a vet who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Eric has numerous psychological scars from his experience in Kandahar. Marco offers Eric the possibility to tell his story on film. Eric is quite reluctant. Marco is quite persistent. The two of them embark in an eventful odyssey. Émile Gaudreault has the ability to talk about serious social subjects. He did it in De père en flic where he took a look at father and son relationship through the scope of group therapy. He does it again this time through the eyes of a director who wants to make a movie on war post-traumatic disorder, one of the most serious social problems for the military. Gaudreault manages to make it entertaining, not heavy, funny but respectful. I say funny because it’s a comedy-drama. It’s in no way a caricature but it has some humoristic overtones. To the credit of Gaudreault, we can praise him for having been able to combine intelligent humour with such a serious subject. It is a buddy-buddy movie that evolves slowly, gradually, that takes its time to tell the story. The clashes are frequent between the two main characters which keeps us amused and entertained.The second part of the film dwells more on its dramatic parts. Mathieu Quesnel is quite credible in the portrait of the macho vet who refuses to talk about his past, who hides behind humour, corny jokes and  machismo. Stéphane Rousseau is also believable as Marco Valois, a filmmaker who  seeks a second chance. Also to mention the performance of Guylaine Tremblay as the mother of Eric. I could see a Jutra (trophy for film recognition in Québec) for supporting actress. Le vrai du faux is an intelligent comedy with a serious subject that should do well in Québec this summer.
André St-Jacques
Le vrai du faux
Directed by:
Émile Gaudreault
Screenplay by:
Émile Gaudreault
Pierre-Michel Tremblay
Stéphane Rousseau
Mathieu Quesnel
Julie Le Breton
Charles-Alexandre Dubé
Guylaine Tremblay
Marie-Ève Milot
105 min.
In French

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