Les vacances du petit Nicolas

It’s the end of the school year, the summer holidays are there at last. Little Nicolas will spend summer at l’hotel Beau Rivage, a posh french resort, with his parents and grandmother. At the beach, he makes new friends with the other kids at the hotel, including Isabelle who follows him everywhere, observing him closely. A first glance at relationships between boys and girls for Nicolas. How will he react? This summer will be an eye-opening experience for him that will give him a different outlook on life. This is one of those marvelous little films, absolutely charming that invites us to take a look at childhood in all its innocence and  its simplicity. This is the follow-up to Le petit Nicolas from 2010 (adapted from a popular French cartoon) which I haven’t seen. I can only tell you that this movie took me back to childhood and made me laugh.  The children are natural and amusing. The most hilarious of Nicolas’s friends is Blaise who eats everything and I do mean everything, even alive. Mathéo Boisselier is superb as Nicolas as well as Erja Malatier as an intriguing Isabelle with those big inquisitive round eyes. Not to mention Dominique Lavanant as meme the grandmother. Les vacances du petit Nicolas is a sweet film the whole family will enjoy this summer.  
André St-Jacques
Les vacances du petit Nicolas
Directed by: 
Laurent Tirard
Screenplay by:
Laurent Tirard
Based on a popular French cartoon
Mathéo Boisselier
Kad Merad
Valérie Lemercier
Dominique Lavanant
Erja Malatier
97 min.
In French

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