112 Weddings

Occasional documentary filmmaker Doug Block has been making a living as a wedding videographer. Over the last 20 years he must have worked on 111 weddings. So the idea came to him to find out what happened to some of these people in those videos. You have here a variety of stories. Some couples have not survived because of either infidelity, or mental illness. The interviews can be revealing on the dynamics between two people. And there are touching stories of hardships. The cancer of a child for instance. Or a husband supporting his wife who is suffering from depression. And there is also a couple who decide to get married, many years after their commitment ceremony. And then wedding #112. A light documentary that plays a bit like a reality movie, but still interesting.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


 112 Weddings


 Directed by: 

Doug Block
95 min.
Rated Parental Guidance

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