Land ho!

Land ho! is a road movie,but also a travelogue. The two main characters are older men. The film start with Mitch getting a visit from his former brother-in-law Colin. Mitch tells Colin that they are taking a trip to Iceland. The two men have contrasting personalities. Mitch is rambunctious, loud, and you could call him sexist, and Colin is a quiet soft-spoken man. Many times you can feel Colin embarrassed by his friend’s language. In Iceland they stay in nice resorts and hotels, go to fine restaurants and smoke the occasional joint. They get a visit from Ellen, Mitch’s distant younger cousin, and Janet, her travelling companion. And Mitch and Colin also get to enjoy Iceland’s beautiful landscape. Andrew Reed’s cinematography make you want to book a plane ticket and visit this beautiful country. Our two heroes are certainly enjoying themselves. Australian actor Paul Eenhoorn (Colin) and Earl Lynn Nelson play so well together, that the dialogue seems improvised… And maybe it is. This is Nelson’s third film, and he is impressive as the loudmouth Mitch. I think you’ll have a good time.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Land ho!


Directed by: 
Aaron Katz
Martha Stephens
Screenplay by: 
Aaron Katz
Martha Stephens
Paul Eenhoorn
Earl Lynn Nelson
Karrie Crouse
Elizabeth McKee
95 min.
Rated 14A

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