20,000 days on earth

20,000 days on earth is not your typical biographical documentary. It is about Australian singer Nick Cave, who was the frontman of The birthday party and The bad seeds. Although I did not know anything about Cave before I saw the film, I found it captivating. That is because its concept is way more interesting than if filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard had shown us film clips or archives. What we are witnessing is Cave’s 20,000th day on earth. During the course of this day, Nick Cave goes see his shrink (British writer Darian Leader). Then he drives through Brighton with actor Ray Winstone as passenger. They talk for a while, then Winstone is gone. There are others. Kylie Minogue (with whom she sang Where the wild roses grow) appears in the back seat of his Jaguar. There are some musical moments in a studio. He also visits some archivists who are sorting through photos and documents they received from Cave’s mother. This an original and amusing way to revisit his pass. And lastly, Nick Cave gives an electric performance at a concert. The few musical moments there are in 20,000 days on earth, beautifully shows Cave as an intense and emotional artist. I recommend.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


20,000 days on earth


Directed by: 
Iain Forsyth
Jane Pollard
Screenplay by: 
Nick Cave
Iain Forsyth
Jane Pollard
Nick Cave
Darian Leader
Kylie Minogue
Blixa Bargeld
97 min.

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