Hector and the search for happiness

Hector and the search for happiness is what you would call a ‘feel good’ comedy, with the main character going through ‘personal growth’, and some in audience members who will decide if they like the film according to the ‘personal growth’ they got from the film. We often hear people describe the worth of a work of art by how ‘important’ it is. The Hector of the title is an unhappy psychiatrist who leaves the woman he loves (Rosamund Pike) to travel around the world and find out what makes people happy. First stop: China. On the plane he meets a taciturn and cynical businessman (Stellan Skarsgard), who offers Hector his hospitality. In Africa he meets French actor Jean Reno (very good here) as a drug lord, and gets entangled in the war between the drug lord and the militia. Finally, in LA he visits an ex girlfriend (Toni Collette) and one of his old teachers. The teacher (Christopher Plummer) is working on an emotion analyzing machine. Simon Pegg as Hector pushes his character’s geekness a bit too far, and his attempt at physical humor early in the film is pitiful. And the whole film just feel awkward. Sorry, but I did not ‘feel good’ about Hector and the search for happiness.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Hector and the search for happiness


Directed by: 
Peter Chelsom
Screenplay by: 
Maria von Heland
Peter Chelsom
Tinker Lindsay
Based on the novel “Le voyage d’Hector ou
la recherche du bonheur” by François Lelord
Simon Pegg
Rosamund Pike
Toni Collette
Stellan Skarsgard
Jean Reno
Christopher Plummer
114 min.

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