Art and craft

Artist or forger? For the last 20 years Mark Landis has been donating forgeries of famous drawings and paintings to more than 50 U.S.museums. He copied quite effectively the works of artists as diverse as Picasso, Daumier, Magritte, Walt Disney, Charles Schulz and many others. Mark Landis is a man in his late fifties who was diagnosed with a slew of mental illness when he was 18. A lanky fellow who lives in Mississippi, Landis speaks in a quiet, slow drawl, and has used aliases and impersonated priests in order to trick museums. We also meet Matthew Leininger, the museum registrar who discovered Landis. Leininger got so obsessed it got him fired. He would like to stop Landis, but Landis only donated the pieces and did not profit from it, so is not guilty of anything. There is a chance for both men to meet and talk when the University of Cincinnati is doing a retrospective of Landis’ work. I found the subject of this documentary and both men fascinating.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Art and craft


Directed by: 
Sam Cullman
Jennifer Grausman
Mark Becker
89 min.









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