Justine (Tanya Davis) loves to sing, but her stage fright is so severe that when she gets on a stage, she faints. Justine is not happy. She has a boring job with an annoying boss. Her best friend is having a baby and can she can’t relate to her anymore. She knows she has to stop sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Ben (Stewart Legere); but somehow they always wind up in bed. She would like them to have a baby, but he refuses and moves away. Things get better when she meets Ruby (Stephanie Clattenburg). Ruby is a drummer and she helps Justine get over her stage fright. Together they form a band, and Justine has a crush on Ruby. This film has a thin plot, too many clichés, and is, at times, a bit annoying. But there are some redeeming aspects. Singer, songwriter and poet Tanya Davis’s acting is not what I would call great, but she brings to the part a likeability in what is her first film. The songs she wrote are lovely and lively. Cinematographer Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron (Les amours imaginaires, ironically called Heartbeats in English) lights the film with bright the colors of fall in Halifax. There is also Andrea Dorfman’s colorful animation added to the particular tone of Heartbeat. Some people might like it.

Rémi-Serge Gratton




Directed by: 
Andrea Dorfman
Screenplay by: 
Andrea Dorfman
Tanya Davis
Stephanie Clattenburg
Stewart Legere
Kristin Langille
Glen Matthews
Jackie Torrens
Cathy Jones
93 min.

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