One chance

In 2007 Paul Potts, a car-phone salesman from Wales appeared on the first episode of a new talent reality television show called Britain’s got talent. His rendition Puccini’s Nessun Dorma wowed the judges (Simon Cowell had dollar signs in his eyes), and the clip went viral on You tube. This is his story. Very predictable story. He was bullied at school because he liked opera and he was obese. He meets Julie-Ann Cooper, a wonderful girl through the internet. He goes to Italy to attend a masterclass with Luciano Pavarotti. That does not go very well. Back at home he and Julie-Ann get married. He still dreams about singing even though Roland, his father (Colm Meaney), never supported him. But he could always count on the support from Yvonne, his mother (Julie Walters). Potts has countless trips to the hospital and bills piling up Then he sees an ad for Britain’s got talent, and the rest is (small) history. By the end of One chance, of course, his father has come around and the bully gets his comeuppance. These clichés are for the lovers of British films only. And those people will be in ecstasy to see Julie Walters make a fool of herself once again. The only saving grace (if any) come from James Corden (singing provided by Potts) and Alexandra Roach as Paul and Julie-Ann. Avoid.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


One chance


Directed by: 
David Frankel
Screenplay by: 
Justin Zackham
James Corden
Mackenzie Crook
Alexandra Roach
Julie Walters
Colm Meaney
Jemima Roper
103 min.
Rated Parental Guidance

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