2014 Cannes international advertising festival

Every year, publicists from every corner of the world bring their ads to the Cannes international advertising film festival. The commercials are judged and, just as in the Olympics, there is bronze, silver and gold prizes awarded. Those awards are called ‘Lions’, and they may be awarded to the overall quality or a specific craft, such as directing, cinematography, visual effects or editing. 2014 Cannes international advertising film festival puts together all the winners at last summer’s competition. Television used to be about the only place you could see a commercial, preferably between two programs or on a commercial break, so the stations could make money. Those ads are short (less than a minute). But with computers in our homes, they have been getting longer, more like short films. Two of those longer films are my favorites of this year’s crop. Both are from the same series promoting road security, produced in France, and tell the stories of people living with the consequences of road accidents. Another has three kids impersonating their respective fathers driving while they’re on drugs. Cringe worthy funny but effective. There are loads of car commercials, (Volkswagen has the most). The most visually stunning is a Honda ads that start with a bolt, a man takes the bolt, transforms it into a bike, then it becomes a car, then a truck, and so forth. In previous editions, the films were funnier. But overall, they have better production values.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


 2014 Cannes international advertising festival


Directed by: 
Various directors
About 120 minutes
Rated 14A



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