Adult beginners

As it is, the synopsis for Adult beginners would be perfect for a sitcom…just not a very good sitcom. Here it is: Having seen a promising business venue suddenly tank, Jake (co-author and SNL alum Jon Lovitz look-alike Nick Kroll), finds refuge back home. His pregnant sister Justine (Rose Byrne), kept the family home after their mother died from cancer, and now lives there with her husband, Danny (Bobby Cannavale), and their son, Teddy (twins Caleb and Matthew Paddock). Accustomed to a fast track life, Jake is not really happy to be begging for charity. And Justine is at first reluctant to help him, but proposes that he acts as a baby-sitter and takes care of Teddy, while she and Danny are at work. Typical trappings of those dramedy films. It has pathos, estranged family members, a spouse with a double life, the most annoying three-year-old boy you can find and an unlikable main character who learns to love his nephew and who gets to be a better person. That sounds corny? It is, but the pathos in Adult beginners strangely more effective than the comedy. Nobody is going to beat down the doors for that one, that’s for sure!

Rémi-Serge Gratton

 Adult beginners

Directed by:
Ross Katz
Screenplay by:
Jeff Cox
Liz Flahive
Nick Kroll
Nick Kroll
Rose Byrne
Bobby Cannavale
Caleb Paddock
Matthew Paddock
Joel McHale
90 min.
Rated 14A

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