All the time in the world

You just wish you could do what Suzanne Crocker and her family did. Suzanne, her husband Gerard and their three kids (a boy age 10, two girls 8 and 4), a dog and two cats, left city life for 9 months, to stay in a cabin in the Yukon. “In the bush”, they call it. In Dawson City. No phone, no electricity or running water, no internet, clocks or watches and no neighbours for miles. The only thing Suzanne brought was her camera to record the whole thing. Their journey start as they arrive at the cabin through the river on a boat carrying everything they will need. Before winter start, they have to build things (like an out house, a storage cabin built up a tree) and get ready for a cold, long winter. Everyone works hard. Every day they have to go to the river to get the water and boil it before they can use it. To cook and to heat the cabin, they have to shop wood. The film is narrated by the members of the family, each taking turns telling their side of the story. This brilliant concept makes the family even more endearing. Their time “in the bush” is not all fun. Gerard almost freezes to death, when the ski-doo breaks down hours from the cabin. And there is also a scary visit from a bear who won’t go away. Suzanne thought that after a while her children would “drive each other crazy”. On the contrary. The children are having fun, cooking, baking bread, picking berries and did all kind of work around the house. You will love this film. The images and colors are breathtaking. Canada is such a beautiful country. I am sure you will love this family.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

All the time in the world

Directed by:
Suzanne Crocker
Screenplay by:
Suzanne Crocker
Nettie Wild
87 min.

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