Dior and I

I have seen quite a lot of fashion documentaries over the years, and although it is not a world that appeals to me, I found it fascinating and the people I meet are always interesting. Dior and I is particularly good. It is not really about fashion legend Christian Dior who died in 1957 at the age of 52. The film is rather about the first haute couture collection by ready-to-wear Belgian designer Raf Simons, appointed designer in 2012. The House of Dior granted what seems like complete access to director-screenwriter Frédéric Tcheng’s cameras and he is recording the whole creative process. We are told that a new creative director is usually given about seven months to create his first collection. But Simons did it in seven weeks. I fell in love with the staff and the dedication to their work. Everyone at the House of Dior works very hard to meet the deadline. As I was watching the tensions mounting, I was hooked by the suspense, climaxing with the big day when they will unveil the collection. This is the day where famous women will come to see the new collection : Anna Wintour, Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard are all present. And that collection is a real beauty. Raf Simons wanted to bring back the glamour and the emotions he felt was present in the past with just enough of his own innovative style. As a fashion documentary, Dior and I is first class.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Dior and I

Directed by:
Frédéric Tcheng
Screenplay by:
Frédéric Tcheng
90 min.
In English, French, and
Italian with English subtitles

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