Hunting elephants

Israeli absurdist comedy Hunting elephants is about 12 year-old Yonatan (Gil Blank), who along with his grandfather, Eliyahu (Sasson Gabai), and Eliyahu’s best friend, Nick (Moni Moshonov), and their plan to rob a bank. One of the reason they need the money is to pay for Eliyahu’s comatose wife, Roda’s lengthy hospitalization. Eliyahu, Rosa and Nick are living in a retirement home. Roda’s brother, Michael Simpson (Patrick Stewart), arrives from England. Michael is an actor on the decline. He is reduced to play in a Star wars version of Hamlet called Hamlet: Revenge of the Sith (Hamlet’s ghostly father is Darth Vader, of course). Michael does not get along with his brother-in-law and calls all Jewish people terrorists. Hunting elephants is not very good. The best you can say is that it has a certain charm. But Nick is a dirty old man who looks at young nurses while making the most sexist comments. I found that most offensive. The only reason to recommend Hunting elephants, is for Stewart. The Star trek and X-Men actor is having fun singing, dancing and milking every bit of comedy he can from a weak script. Avoid if you can.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Hunting elephants

Directed by:
Reshef Levi
Screenplay by:
Reshef Levi
Regev Levi
Sasson Gabai
Moni Moshonov
Patrick Stewart
Gil Blank
Yaël Abecassis
Moshe Igvy
Zvika Hadar
107 min.
Rated 14A
In English and Hebrew
with English subtitles

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