The worst thing you can call a film is pretentious. Aloft is the slow-moving story of the estrangement between a mother and her son. Nana (Jennifer Connelly) lives in the cold Canadian country (Aloft was filmed in beautiful Manitoba) with her two sons. The oldest boy, Ivan (Zen McGrath), always bring his pet falcon with him. Twenty years later, Ivan (now played by Cillian Murphy) still has a falcon. He also has a wife and a baby. French journalist Jannia Ressmore wants to interview Nana, who has become a faith healer. Ivan travels with her to find the mother who suddenly abandoned him twenty years ago. We see in flashbacks what events caused this departure. Problem is we don’t get the reason why the characters behave the way they do. As a child, Ivan is a spoiled, annoying brat. And he not much better as an adult. The whole thing is confusing, depressing, boring and frustrating. This is the kind of films some people will call “deep”. “Hollow” is what I call it.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Directed by:
Claudia Llosa
Screenplay by:
Claudia Llosa
Jennifer Connelly
Cillian Murphy
Mélanie Laurent
Oona Chaplin
Zen McGrath
114 min.
Rated 18A

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