Being Canadian

Emmy award wining writer Robert Cohen is from Calgary but works in the US. He wrote for The Simpsons and The big bang theory among others. He has decided to explore what it is that makes Canada such a well liked country wherever you go. Or is that a myth? To do this fun and not very serious analysis, Cohen travels from coast-to-coast. His last stop will be Vancouver on Canada day and he hopes to have found out the answer by midnight that day. He even goes in the dark entrails of (Gasp!) Quebec. Beside a short stay there, Being Canadian is mainly about (or should I say “aboot”?) English Canada. What defines us as a people? Robert Cohen interviews his Hollywood/Canadian friends. People like Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Alex Trebek, William Shatner, Dave Foley (Showing Cohen and Foley in bed together, a sheet covering the lower half of their seemingly naked bodies.), Catherine O’Hara, Ottawa’s Dan Aykroyd and Martin Short. He asks them about some misconceptions other countries have about Canadians and Canada. Non Canadians are also interviewed: Kathy Griffin and Ben Stiller. Musicians from Rush and the Barenaked Ladies and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell are there as well. Americans think Canada is always extremely cold all year round, with no summer. American university students are asked what they know about Canada and our history, and they know nothing, they’ve been told nothing. Persona non grata. But according to all, we are so nice and polite. And we apologize too much. Some other questions: Why did the Canadian football league allowed two teams with basically the same name? The Saskatchewan Roughriders sometime played against the Ottawa Rough Riders. Kim Campbell has a good laugh about that. Oh, well! Only in Canada. And what about Canadian food? After talking with some experts, it was decided that maple syrup was Canadian’s favorite food. Hey, poutine, beaver tails, tourtière and Quebec’s pets de sœurs (literal translation: farts of nun) were not even mentioned. And I could go on forever. All that to say that Being Canadian may not be the most serious documentary, but it is great fun to watch. Particularly if you are Canadian. Happy Canada day everyone!

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Being Canadian

Directed by:
Robert Cohen
Screenplay by:
Robert Cohen
90 min.
Rated 14A
Some French with English subtitles

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