The overnight

Sometimes, all a film needs is good actors who feel a connection with the material and who trust each other enough, and they get exactly the right rhythm going, the right notes. As simple as that. But for that you also need a simple story. Emily (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Adam Scott) have just moved to Los Angeles with their son RJ. They have relocated there because of Emily’s new job. Alex is a stay at home dad, and they want to find friends for Alex, who will be alone with RJ in the daytime. Then one day in the park, they meet Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) and his son Max. Emily and Alex are invited for pizza night and to meet Kurt’s wife, Charlotte (France’s Judith Godrèche). Kurt and Charlotte have a spacious house. Kurt, who is an inventor, designed the house based on Charlotte’s childhood home. Once the boys are put to bed and the adults are alone, things get a bit weird. Kurt and Charlotte show their guest some films of Charlotte removing her shirt and using a breast pump. And then Kurt brings Alex into his den, and he shows him his paintings. They are paintings of people’s anus. Emily tells Alex she is convinced their hosts are swingers. They go swimming in the pool with Kurt in the buff. His giant penis gives Alex an inferiority complex. In 2012, co-producer Mark Duplass also produced Your sister’s sister. In this comedy, Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt formed such a solid trio of actors that Your sister’s sister found its way into my Top 10 list. And this is almost what I could say about the four actors in The overnight. They are working so well together, they are so in sync, that they are like a string quartet. And that is all you need from those actors to make this a perfect film. This is a sex comedy with a heart, but some people should be warned about the frontal nudity.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


 The overnight

Directed by:
Patrick Brice

Screenplay by:
Patrick Brice

Adam Scott
Taylor Schilling
Jason Schwartzman
Judith Godrèche

80 min.

Rated 18A; Full frontal nudity with prosthetics.


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