The wolfpack

The Angulos is probably the weirdest family I have ever seen in a film. In 2010, director Crystal Moselle met the six Angulo brothers on a New York street. Ponytailed, dressed in black suit and tie, and wearing sunglasses, like a replica of the Reservoir dogs posters. Mukunda, Narayana, Govinda, Bhagavan, Krisna, Jagadesh and their sister Visnu love movies. From the beginning of The wolfpack it is clear that movies are important to the siblings. As the whole family was confined to an apartment, watching movies, talking about them and enacting their favorite scenes from their favorite movies was the only thing they had. Some footage are from the brothers themselves, video images of their younger selves. The Halloween video is particularly freaky. They are actually doing their own cinema They were home schooled and not allowed to go out of the apartment for 14 long years. Oscar Angulo, their paranoid father is an illusive man who does not talk to the filmmaker until the middle of the film. Why did he locked his family in that appartement?Was it paranoia or an abusing father wanting to control his family at all costs? Or both? According to some of the boys, Oscar was abusive towards their mother, Susanne. Speaking to Moselle, they are very conscious now how weird and crazy their lives has been. One day in 2010, Mukunda, who was 15 then, decided to face the world and go out without his father’s consent. He did not want people to recognize him, so he wore a mask a la Michael Myers from Halloween. Of course he got some attention from the police. But the next time he went without the mask and with his brothers. We get to see each family member (except Oscar) blossom and free themselves from the paranoia and the fear. Susanne is such a touching person. When she first speak to the camera, she seems so sad, so hopeless. Later, she flashes her beautiful smile. She has every reason to be happy. They are now the star of their own movie.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


  The wolfpack

Directed by:

Crystal Moselle

89 Min.

Rated 14A

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