The kindergarten teacher

The kindergarten teacher has such a weird atmosphere that I tought I was watching some absurdist drama where nothing makes sence. No. It’s not that good. Just weird and boring. Sarit Larry plays Nira, a kindergarten teacher. One day 5-year-old Yoav (cute blond boy Avi Shnaidman), start reciting a poem he wrote. Nira thinks the boy is a genius, spends too much time with him compared to her other pupils and signs him up for a poetry reading. Although Larry is to be noted for her intense performance, The kindergarten teacher is so uneventful and slow, that I found myself falling asleep. And I thought it was pretentious. If I had one word for it: underwhelming.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

The kindergarten teacher

Directed by:
Nadav Lapid

Screenplay by:
Nadav Lapid

Sarit Larry
Avi Shnaidman
Lior Raz

119 min.

Rated 14A

In Hebrew with English subtitles



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