Heart of a dog

Heart of a dog is a film essay by avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson. Mostly known as a singer, violinist and composer, Anderson is also known for directing the concert film Home of the brave. It’s all about Lolabelle, her dog who died in 2011. Using home movies and old photographs but changing, transforming them; I actually felt I was watching a museum piece. narrating the film, Lolabelle, Anderson tells us, used to play the piano and finger-paint. She uncovers memories of her life long forgotten and talks at length about death and the Buddhist rebirth concept of Bardo. Heart of a dog is closer to a poem, a literary work than a film. Some people may love it, but it’s certainly not for every one.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Heart of a dog

Directed by:
Laurie Anderson

Screenplay by:
Laurie Anderson

75 min.



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