45 Years

It all starts when Geoff receives a letter. It says the Swiss authorities have found the body of Geoff’s old girlfriend, Katya. Katya and Geoff (Tom Courtenay) were on holiday when she fell off an Alpine mountain. That was 50 years ago, and now Katya’s preserved body has been recovered from the ice after all these years. Geoff has been married with Kate (Charlotte Rampling), and the couple will celebrate their 45th anniversary the upcoming weekend. But the moment Geoff gets that news everything changes. He talks about going to Switzerland to identify the body. Kate does not think it’s possible with all the things to do for the anniversary celebration. Geoff gets up at night and goes to the cellar. Kate can hear him moving boxes. Worse, Geoff does not seem very enthusiastic about their anniversary. And then she sees a photo of Katya. How can she compete with the youth and beauty of the dead woman? Has she been, these past 45 years, the second choice? Did Geoff ever love her? This is a beautiful but sad story of two people haunted by the past. Geoff is unable to let go, and Kate now doubts everything, including Geoff. Her life has been a lie. We witness little moments of love and affection become furtive glances, smiles become unbearable sadness. Andrew Haigh directs his actors with sensibility and a precise attention to detail. Courtenay and Rampling won the Silver bear for Best actress & Best actor at the 2015 Berlin film festival. In what may be the most subtle acting you are going to see, the two veteran actors evoke waves of emotions with every little gestures. By the end of 45 Years, Courtenay and Rampling have made Geoff and Kate modern tragic figures.

And the Oscar went to… As expected Charlotte Rampling lost the Oscar to Brie Larson from Room.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

45 Years

Directed by:
Andrew Haigh

Screenplay by:
Andrew Haigh
Based on the short story In another country by David Constantine

Charlotte Rampling
Tom Courtenay

95 min.

Rated 14A



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