Oscar nominated Live action shorts 2015

The five Oscar nominees for Best live action short film are featured in this yearly presentation. The term “live action” actually means that those films are non-documentary, fiction short films. The Academy defines a short film to be 40 minutes or less. The first film is Ave Maria, a Palestine, France and Germany co-production. Israeli settlers on the West Bank seek help from Catholic nuns. A comedy about cultural and religious differences. From Kosovo and the U.K, Shok (Friend) is about friendship between two boy during the Kosovo war. This is a sad but beautifully made film. Everything will be okay (Alles wird gut) from Germany and Austria is, at 30 minutes, the longest film. A divorced father picks up his young daughter for the weekend. Soon we realize, as she does, that he plans to kidnap her. A thoroughly believable and compelling, well made and well acted drama. Day one is an American short set in Afghanistan. On her first day of duty, a young woman working as an interpreter has to deliver a baby. In Stutterer, a young man with a speech impediment nervously awaits his first date with the girl he met online. All the films are good and interesting this year, so you are sure to spend a decent evening at the cinema.

And the Oscar went to…  Stutterer was the winner.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Oscar nominated Live action shorts 2015

107 min.

Rated 14A


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