Oscar nominated animated shorts 2015

It is always fun and interesting to see the Oscar nominated animated short films. Every year, we get to see films with a wide range of animation techniques. The first short is from Pixar. Sanjay’s super team is about Hindu boy Sanjay’s love for video games and super heroes crashing with his father’s traditional views. Heartfelt and sweet. Next: From Chile, Bear story (Historia de un oso), is an allegory set Pinochet’s Chile. Animation innovator Don Hertzfeldt’s World of tomorrow was made from recorded conversations between Hertzfeldt’s four year old niece and actress Julia Pott. It’s all about the future. Abstract and artsy. In We can’’t live without cosmos (Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa) two Russian cosmonauts anxiously awaits their first trip in space. Well made but conventional. Before the last movie plays, there are four bonus shorts. The reason will become clear if you read the following warning found on the ByTowne page:

NOTE FOR PARENTS : All films in this year’s programme are suitable for children, except the Oscar nominee Prologue, which contains graphic violence and nudity. We’ve arranged for Prologue to be the FINAL film in the show, and an Advisory notice will appear before that film. Parents who do not want their children to see Prologue will have time to gather up their things and head for the lobby.

The four bonus films are: National film board of Canada’s If I was God. A boy’s daydreaming in class causes a lot of problems. The short story of a fox and a mouse about the most unlikely friendship. Bill Plympton’s The loneliest spotlight: Thirty tears in the life of a traffic light. But the most fun is Catch it. In the jungle various animals are trying to catch a fruit.  The last nominated short is Prologue. There is full frontal male nudity and violence. Beautiful hand drawn animation. The winner will be announced on February 28.

And the Oscar went to… Bear story (Historia de un oso), a short film from Chile won. A first for that country.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Oscar nominated animated shorts 2015

86 min.

All films suitable for children EXCEPT Prologue


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