Where to invade next

With Where to invade next Michael Moore is having a great time poking fun at (what else?) the United States. The idea is not to invade countries, but their policies, their ideas and bring them to the US. Those social policies seems to be much more efficient than the ones they have back home. The director arrives in every countries he visits with an American flag, ready to plant it in the ground and say “I’m invading your ideas!”. We are very aware that those countries are far from perfect. They have their own insurmountable problems. But Moore wants to “invade” the ideas that will make things better in the US. For instance, in Italy all workers are given at least 8 weeks of paid holidays. No matter where or for who you work, this is the law. Yeah, but does it work? Yes. Productivity has increased and companies are making money. The employers are pro union. I can hear Republicans calling Moore a ‘commie’, or even worse, a ‘socialist’. Finland’s education system is amongst the best in the world. Why? Well, students don’t get any homework, there are fewer school hours and no standardised testing. And at all level, tuition is free. Some American University students go to Finland to study because they already have too much debts in the States. He then goes to France where schoolchildren are served (literally!) gourmet three course meals. Free. Every day. None of this hamburgers and fries stuff. Moore compares those countries with the United States. For instance, in America the prison system is oppressive and systematic, and in Norway it is humane and rehabilitative. Say what you want, Moore says, but Norway has the lowest recidivism rate and the US one of the highest. As a documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore is the master of manipulation. Yes, but his films are fun to watch, even if they are as subtle as a ton of bricks hitting you in the face. As an interviewer, Moore’s comic timing is priceless. Often, we see Moore blankly staring into empty space as a reaction to something he just heard. It says it all. And I also like the way he effectively uses film archives and news items to hammer his points across. I can’t wait to see what Michael Moore has to say about the present American election, and about the Donald.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Where to invade next

Directed by:

Michael Moore

110 min.

Rated 14A



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