The club (El club)

The residents of a small beach-house in a Chilean fishing village are four Catholic priests and their guardian angel, Sister Monica (Antonia Zegers). They are leading a quiet life. They get busy training their greyhound, getting it ready for races. The dog often win. Father Vidal (Alfredo Castro) is particularly fond of the dog. Then one day there is a new arrival: Father Lazcano. But Lazcano has not been there very long, when a man named Sandokan (Roberto Farías) stands in front of the house and, in very graphic details, loudly accuses Lazcano of past sexual abuses and rape. Inside the house there is total panic. Of course, now we know that those priests have been sent there because they are pedophiles. After Father Lazcano kills himself, Father García (Marcelo Alonso) is sent to investigate what caused the suicide. Instead of getting to the truth, García is met with a wall of denial. All the priests say they are innocent – they never did anything wrong, why are they there, they’re not criminals, it’s a mistake. Father García threatens to close the house, but Sister Monica is there to protect the priests at any costs. Director Pablo Larraín (No) and his co-screenwiters have developed a devilish parable in which the characters will stop at nothing to save themselves and their beloved church. It is cynic and provocative. Larraín gets some help from a great ensemble cast. There are some disturbing scenes. This not your mother’s Catholic church.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

The club (El club)

Directed by:
Pablo Larraín

Screenplay by:
Guillermo Calderón
Pablo Larraín
Daniel Villalobos

Roberto Farías
Antonia Zegers
Alfredo Castro
Alejandro Goic
Alejandro Sieveking

97 min.

Rated 14A

In Spanish with English subtitles.


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