Coconut hero

We’ve seen Coconut hero before. The main character, 16-year-old Mike Tyson (“not the boxer, a different one,” he reminds us in a voiceover narration), just like Harold in Hal Ashby’s 1971 classic film  Harold and Maude, wants to die. Before he puts a rifle to his head, he makes sure that there is an obituary published in the local newspaper, and he leaves a note for his mom (Krista Bridges) telling her not to forget to feed the fish. The suicide attempt fails, and his (hysterical) mom insists that he goes back to school the next day, where he is bullied by all, including the youngest kids. And then the doctor tells him that they found a brain tumor. Mike is happy about the news, but he keeps the secret from his mom and plans to build his own coffin. The ray of hope comes when Mike meets young social worker Miranda (Bea Santos) and he falls in love with her. She’s too old for him, of course, but they become friends. The late arrival of his estranged father (Sebastian Schipper) complicate matters. The film navigates between a quirky, dark comedy and a predictable melodrama. I prefer the dark comedy. Fresh faced Alex Ozerov effectively plays Mike as an awkward, wide-eyed, suicidal teenager, and Ozerov reads very high on the likeability meter. Is that enough to recommend Coconut hero? You decide.
Rémi-Serge Gratton
Coconut hero
Directed by:
Florian Cossen
Screenplay by:
Elena von Saucken
Daniel Schachter
Alex Ozerov
Bea Santos
Krista Bridges
Sebastian Schipper
Udo Kier97 min.

Rated Parental Guidance

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