Disorder (Maryland)

It would be impossible not to like Disorder. Matthias Schoenaerts stars as Vincent, a soldier with PTSD, awaiting doctor’s order to return to combat, who in the meantime makes a living as security to the rich and famous. The company where Vincent works is contracted to watch over a party at the Côte d’Azur villa of a Lebanese businessman, Whalid (Percy Kemp). From the first time he sees her, Vincent is attracted to Whalid’s beautiful wife, Jessie (Diane Kruger). But he remains professional and keeps his distance. It seems that Vincent’s work ethics has pleased Whalid, because the next day he hires Vincent to be Jessie and their son’s bodyguard and chauffeur while he is away on a business trip. The premise is simple, but perfect for variations on paranoia and danger. After all Vincent suffers from a condition that may include delusion, and director Alice Winocour let us enter into his very busy mind. But it’s all simply done, without much technical tricks or gimmicks, just good direction and editing. If Disorder is effective as a thriller/action film, it is also an excellent character study. Schoenaerts and Kruger build the characters from their physical presence rather than the dialogue. The sexual chemistry here is sizzling. Similarly, the suspense is build from the waiting and the pulsating suspicions. And the longer the waiting, the bigger the impact will be when violence strike. You don’t mess around with someone on PTSD. Disorder is very tense. Disorder is probably the best thriller I saw in years.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Disorder (Maryland)

Directed by:
Alice Winocour

Screenplay by:
Alice Winocour
Jean-Stéphane Bron

Matthias Schoenaerts
Diane Kruger
Paul Hamy
Zaïd Errougui-Demonsant,
Percy Kemp

98 min.

Rated 14A

In French with English subtitles.


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