Dark horse: The incredible true story of Dream alliance

You can’t help yourself. You just fall in love with the people in Dark horse: The incredible true story of Dream alliance. Part of it is their South Wales accent. Usually, I’m not one to go crazy over accents. The documentary tells the story of Jan Vokes, a barmaid from Cefn fforest, a former mining village in Wales. In 2000, Jan had an idea that she would love to breed a racehorse. Why not? In the past she did breed pigeons and whippets dogs. With the help of her husband, Brian, Jan comes up with a plan to finance this costly project. They’re going to form Alliance partnership, a co-op made of interested villagers and friends. Each co-op member is to give £10 a week. The horse that is bred from a £1000 mare is named Dream alliance. Dream Alliance is then handed over to a trainer and subsequently entered in some races. Seems that there is a prejudice when it comes to racehorse. A horse is not considered a possible winner unless it is owned by a wealthy family. This kind of snobbish attitude is thrown out the window when Dream alliance proves a winner. It is with pride and teary eyes that the members of the partnership talk about those times. There was an accident at the Aintree racetrack, and Dream alliance was almost put down. But the co-op decided to keep him alive. An experimental costly recovery treatment was paid for by the partnership. They were told that Dream alliance could never race again. Well, he surprised them all by winning the Welsh National. This is a charming film. You are won over from the moment that Jan Vokes speaks. Her voice, her accent is music to my ear. The language is the same as mine, but the way they speak is poetry to me. And the horses, the love of horses. The way director Louise Osmond films them. I loved that film. I just can’t help myself.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Dark horse: The incredible true story of Dream alliance

Directed by:

Louise Osmond

Screenplay by:

Louise Osmond

85 min.

Rated Parental Guidance.


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