Un homme à la hauteur (Up for love)

Oh no! Not again. There I am going to see a French movie, unsuspecting, and yet again, there it is. Un homme à la hauteur is what you could call an ordinary romantic comedy. The story is simple: Diane (Virginie Efira), a successful lawyer has lost her cell phone. When she gets home she receives a call from the man who found it. They have a nice conversation. He has a nice voice with a playful, seductive tone. It’s only the next day when she meets Alexandre (The artist Oscar winner Jean Dujardin) that she sees how short he is. 4’6”. They start dating and that creates a barrage of reactions. From her family, her law firm partner and jalous ex-husband. But mostly, the real problem is Diane being self conscious about his height. The film is fine and funny with good special effects and performances from Efira and Dujardin. But like it happens with many French films, the producers have wallpapered the film with songs in English. Exclusively. I see that ANNOYING pattern in almost every French films. For Un homme à la hauteur an Australian songwriter composed a series of songs. All of them in English. What is it? There are no French songwriters in France? Do they still sing in French in France? It seems that there is a French culture since Un homme à la hauteur is in French, with French actors who speak French. I just give up!!!

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Un homme à la hauteur (Up for love)

Directed by:
Laurent Tirard

Screenplay by:
Laurent Tirard
Grégoire Vigneron
Based on Marcos Carnevale’s film Corazón de león

Jean Dujardin
Virginie Efira
Cédric Kahn
Stéphanie Papanian

98 min.

Rated Parental Guidance

In French with English subtitles


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