Todd Solondz’s 1998 film Happiness was such a great film that never got its fair share of awards because it was too controversial. The topic was pedophilia. Now here comes Solondz’s latest film. Wiener-Dog, a multi-storied film. The only thing tying the stories together is the dachshund (in French we say “chien-saucisse“) that travels from owner to owner. The first owner is a boy called Remi. Remi is a cancer survivor who gets the dachshund from his father. His mother Dina (Julie Delpy) is not happy about this gift and tells her son a sick, twisted tale. This story comes with a warning: Don’t feed granolla bar to your dog. The second owner is young veterinarian’s assistant Dawn (Greta Gerwig) who goes on a road trip with Brandon (Kieran Culkin), a high school friend. The third story stars Danny DeVito as screenwriting professor Dave Schmerz. Schmerz’s career is in the dumps and he’s just been voted the school’s worse teacher. With the help of his dachshund he plans his revenge. The fourth and best story is about Nana (Ellen Burstyn), an elderly woman who is visited by her estranged granddaughter (Zosia Mamet). Burstyn is a stone-faced masterpiece and she steals the film from everyone, including the dog. Solondz is back in fine form. If you like cynicism, like I do, this is the film for you. But dog lovers beware.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Directed by:

Todd Solondz


Screenplay by:

Todd Solondz



Charlie Tahan

Greta Gerwig

Zosia Mamet

Danny DeVito

Ellen Burstyn

Kieran Culkin

Julie Delpy

90 min.

Rated 14A






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