Equity stars Breaking bad’s Anna Gunn as Wall street investment banker Naomi Bishop. Naomi is hoping that the share of a tech company under her care are going to go through the roof. To sell her ideas Naomi needs her assistant Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas who co-wrote the script) to use her charm on the CEO. But Erin is getting frustrated. She has asked Naomi to help her get a much deserved promotion., but Naomi is unwilling to do that. Naomi is a cold woman in a cold world. Her claim that the company is totally secure is put in jeopardy when her boyfriend, Michael (James Purefoy), conspires with his friend at a hedge fund. The third female character is Sam, (Alysia Reiner, who co-authored of the screenplay with co-star Sarah Megan Thomas and Amy Fox), a state attorney who is investigating securities fraud. Like most moviegoer, this is a world that is so foreign to me, and the complex labyrinthine screenplay can be off putting for some. But you can’t fault the performances from an excellent cast or Menon’s direction. With the help of cinematographer Eric Lin, the art direction team and a score by Alexis & Sam she effectively underline the dryness and coldness of that world which is exactly what a film like Equity needs.

Rémi-serge Gratton



Directed by:

Meera Menon


Screenplay by:

Amy Fox

Sarah Megan Thomas

Alysia Reiner



Anna Gunn

James Purefoy

Sarah Megan Thomas

Alysia Reiner

Craig Bierko

Samuel Roukin

Margaret Colin

100 min.


Rated 14A



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