A Turkish documentary about cats? I had no interest in that topic, at all, zero, nada! But once you understand the importance of cats for the Turkish, and you see those beautiful animals, you can’t resist. Director Ceyda Torun filmed in Istanbul with the help of camera rigs to shoot the cats at street level. The effect is simply astounding. As one of the resident says, every cat has his own personality. We have a variety of stories either from the cats or the cat lovers. There is a cat that hunts for food all over the neighbourhood to feed her babies. Two women live with a multitude of cats. After cooking special food and feeding their cats, they go out and feed stray cats. A man who suffered a severe depression says feeding cats helped him. A restaurant owner keeps a cat to get rid of mice. A haute cuisine restaurateur has the most polite and most pampered cat. The cat only eats the finest food. One cat is called “the neighbourhood‘s psychopath” by her owner. We are told that dogs are afraid. And so jealous. We get the proof when another female cat gets close to a male cat she fancies. And that cat has such a scary, evil stare. We also witness cats fighting. But those cats are all magnificent animal. I particularly enjoyed some extreme close-ups that let us see into the souls of the cats. Cinematographers Alp Korfali and Charlie Wuppermann have to be mentioned. A beauty, for cat lovers and others as well.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


Directed by:
Ceyda Torun

80 min.

Rated General.

In Turkish with English subtitles.


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