The wedding plan (Laavor et hakir)

A month before the wedding, Michal (Noa Koller), a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish 32-year-old woman, is jilted by her fiancé. It’s just a small thing, the fiancé says. He then announces that he does not love her. Michal is heartbroken. Everything was booked and she had her wedding dress, so instead of cancelling the wedding, Michal decides to try to find a husband and leave it in the hand of God. The plan is to be married by Hannukah. But Michal is a bit obese so she does not have suitors lining up to marry her. Those she meets are of the bizarre type. There is a deaf psychoanalyst and a man who refuses to look at her. When one asks the reason she wants to meet him, She answers “Despair”. Most men would run away when they learn what Michal’s job is. She own a mobile petting zoo. When she travels to a shrine to pray, Michal unexpectedly meets handsome Israeli pop star named Yos (handsome Israeli pop star Oz Zehavi). When he learns of her quest for a husband, Yos seems to find the idea intriguing. He would certainly be an unlikely candidate. If I was first amused by The wedding plan, soon I became annoyed by the central character. Despite Noa Koller’s comic talent, I found Michal to be indecisive and Rama Burshtein’s writing repetitive. Although there are some good things, this film has a lot of flaws.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

The wedding plan (Laavor et hakir)


Directed by:
Rama Burshtein

Screenplay by:
Rama Burshtein

Noa Koller
Amos Ramam
Oz Zehavi

110 min.

Rated Parental Guidance

In Hebrew with English subtitles.


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