In the fade (Aus dem Nichts)

I was hoping that Fatih Akin’s In the fade, Germany’s selection for Foreign language film at the Oscar would be nominated. It made it to the 9 films short list, but was not among the five nominated films. Diane Kruger stars as Katja Sekerci, a woman who sees her life shattered when her husband, Nuri (Numan Acar), and their 5-year-old son, Rocco (Rafael Santana), are killed in a terrorist attack. It seems the whole world is against her. First the investigators are focusing on Nuri’s Kurdish background and on his criminal record as a drug pusher. He served his time in jail and he was reformed, Katja claims. To calm herself and release the pain she asks her friend and lawyer, Danilo (Denis Moschitto), to lend her some drug. When the investigators finds the drug, they infer that Nuri was still dealing drugs. But Katja tells them it was a neo-Nazi attack. Shortly before the attack, she saw a young blonde woman leaving a bike in front of her husband’s business office. As her family leave amid accusations and finger-pointing that she or Nuri did something wrong, Katja feels more and more isolated. Then the news comes that it was effectively a neo-Nazi terrorist attack (There’s been a rise of racist attacks in germany.), and that the woman who Katja saw (Hanna Hilsdorf) and a male accomplice (Ulrich Brandhoff) have been arrested. The trial is extremely hard for Katja. Her lawyer, Danilo does the best he can to reassure and comfort her, but he will have a lot to do to counter against a harsh defence lawyer (Johannes Krisch). A compelling psychological thriller, a tragic story very well told by director Akin. Diane Kruger, who is in every scenes, gives a tour-de-force performance. A virtuoso act. Edge-of-your-seat type of film.

Rémi-Serge Gratton


In the fade (Aus dem Nichts)


Directed by:
Fatih Akin

Screenplay by:
Fatih Akin

Diane Kruger
Denis Moschitto
Johannes Krisch
Ulrich Tukur
Numan Acar
Samia Chancrin
Hanna Hilsdorf
Ulrich Brandhoff
Rafael Santana

106 min.

in German with English subtitles.


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